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Recent projects I have designed & developed. Would love to add yours too…

This is me. Designer by day & developer by night. I never sleep… almost.

“She’s a Wife! She’s a Mom! She’s a Nana! No, she’s not Superwoman, but she sure tries!”

Hi! I’m Tricia Williams, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer for Royalty Marketing Co. Come on in, sit a spell, have a glass of tea and let me tell you a little bit about who I am and why I do what I do. Just watch out for the kids! They don’t bite often, in fact, it may be the husband you have to worry about!


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What my clients say about me and my work…

Many, many thanks to Tricia with Royalty Marketing Co. She’s helped get our business branding set up and really put our business on the path to be successful. The Logo that she created for us really exemplifies what we do and the precision with which we do it. The website is amazing. And she did it with a quick turn around! In addition, she’s set up our Social Media pages and linked them to the website. The fact that she included SEO in her work just blew me away!

Tricia really has a passion for what she does. She doesn’t just stop at the online marketing though, she’s introduced me to some GREAT Highly influential people in the area and has really gone above and beyond to ensure our success.

Cory H.
Cory H. Positively Clean LLC. Positively Clean LLC.

Tricia with Royalty Marketing Co. went above and beyond by helping set up a Rideshare Drivers Group for the local SouthWest Florida area. She’s created the Facebook group, assisted with the maintenance and upkeep, created the logo and has been an absolute asset to learning the networking aspect of business!

Thanks again, Tricia!

Scott W.
Scott W. SouthWest Florida Rideshare Drivers Group

When we purchased our business, we were struggling to maintain our Social Media and had no idea how to update and give our Logo a fresh new look. Tricia stepped right in and gave us a boost to help us get our Marketing on track. She’s been a wealth of information on how to maintain our Social Media Reputation and we’re looking forward to having her work on our website in the near future!

Kim and Ryc S.
Kim and Ryc S. Kangaroo Sams

View some of my recent work, from logo creation to Social Media Management!

Here is a list of things I can do for you

Web Design & Development

Web Design is important to ensure that your business is represented appropriately. Development puts the design to work in a cohesive, creative, EFFECTIVE manner!

Text Message Marketing

What is the one thing that none of us leave home without? That’s right! Our cell phone! So why not put that to work for your business? Text Message Marketing isn’t the wave of the future, it is the Current Marketing Trend. Learn more about how YOU can use the same technology that many large Corporations are already utilizing, AFFORDABLY!

Web Hosting

Not only do we build websites, we maintain and host them as well. There is no need to pay overly inflated rates on your web hosting. Let us handle it for you!

SEO Consulting & Implementation

What is the purpose of even having a website without EFFECTIVE Search Engine Optimization? Let the Pro’s handle your SEO for you!

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more. Your Social Media Presence isn’t just important, it’s vital to your Marketing. Lets talk about YOUR Social Media marketing plan!


Businesses are like Snowflakes. Each one is different and has different wants as well as needs. Some companies need e-commerce, while others don’t want the added expense or effort. Lets talk about what your snowflake, Oops, I mean Business needs!

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